Rainmaker Park Tour

Hanging Bridges and Waterfalls

An amazing breathtaking walk in the rainforest of Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.

Rainmaker Park is located just 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio. Located right at the heart of the rainforest is a very remote place; this is a park where you won’t see big crowds at all. The park was created by a private foundation having the huge commitment of preserving such amazing habitat. Rainmaker Park has a very old growth forest which we consider as a primary ecosystem. During the nature walk along the trails in the park you’ll have the chance of enjoying from the many waterfalls and ocean views from the top of the virgin forest.

The fauna in the park is diverse; there are a large number of amphibians, reptiles and birds. Among the most outstanding are the Chestnut-mandibled toucan, Trogon birds, Poison-dart frogs, Eyelash viper, Anole lizards, bats and countless varieties of insects.

Rainmaker is one of the most important and impressive rainforest ecosystems in Costa Rica, this is where they've discovered the great reappearance of the famous and almost extinct harlequin frog thus becoming an important field of research and scientific studies for herpetologists worldwide.

Without a doubt Rainmaker Park is truly the place that eco-tourists come to Costa Rica looking for. Come to enjoy the great nature walk in the rainforest and get your memories of the experience being in real costarican virgin habitats.

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